If you are a professional in California beginning the application process or renewing your professional license and need assistance with disclosing problems on your application, contact the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister J.D. now. An unfortunate disciplinary action or investigation can be difficult to explain and increase the change of you being denied a professional license.

Disclosing too much too soon on your application or renewal form is a common misguided error. We can help you artfully edit, carefully and succinctly explain or disclose a past event, prior criminal conviction or other adverse situation during the application process. We have the resources to help you provide proper documentation to accompany your explanation.

We have experience in helping you draft an appropriate response in order to help you protect your livelihood by obtaining your professional license. California licensing defense attorney Attorney Lucy McAllister will help you prepare your application statement, disclosing past issues on your professional application, including:

  • Accusations
  • Violation of drug laws
  • Substance abuse or DUI
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Insurance fraud
  • Criminal charges or criminal convictions
  • Criminal investigations

Contact us early for help with your professional application or license renewal. Do not let your past get in the way of your future.