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The process of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California takes years to complete. Therefore, if you have been notified by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences that you are under investigation or facing a possible denial, suspension or revocation of your LCSW license, please contact our office so that we can assist in negotiating and resolving any complaints made against you.

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A threat to your LCSW license is a threat to your livelihood and possibly your career. You most likely have questions that need to be answered as soon as possible in order to determine the best way defend and reinstate your LCSW professional license. At the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister, we help you to understand the complaints against you. You need to consult with a professional licensing defense lawyer as soon as possible, to help find answers to your questions and concerns, and guide you in quickly restoring your license.

California Licensing Attorney, Lucy S. McAllister will help clarify the process of the legal system for you and assist you to determine the most effective legal strategy for your licensing case. She has represented hundreds of clients in California facing legal challenges in the local area courts and helps licensed clinical social workers and other medical professionals with cases involving many types of offenses, including:

  • Sexual contact with a patient
  • Violating the patient’s confidentiality
  • Providing services for which the individual has not been trained or licensed
  • Drug abuse
  • Fraud or other crimes
  • Unprofessional, unethical, or negligent acts

As an empathetic, compassionate and diligent license defense lawyer, Lucy S. McAllister takes the time to understand your particular circumstances and will work hard to tailor solutions that will meet your needs. The personal attention she gives to each and every case helps her focus restoring your professional license.

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Superior California LSCW Legal Defense

LCSW Licensing Defense in California requires an intricate understanding of California licensing laws, and the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister are familiar with the most effective methods used to resolve them. If you are facing potential loss or suspension of your clinical social worker license, Lucy S. McAllister can provide you with effective approaches to help you resolve your case.

Our team is dedicated to helping clients facing serious legal issues. As your professional license defense lawyer, Lucy McAllister will be committed to providing you with the necessary information, resources and counsel necessary to help you effectively navigate the California legal system.