We’re proud as lawyers to have represented many clients over the years, successfully defending them against the loss of their professional licenses and also petitioning for license reinstatement. We have successfully represented California professionals before various departments, boards and bureaus, in order to help defend & restore their professional licenses.

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Here is a sample of other client reviews we’ve received:


Ms. Mcallister is one of the most passionate, hard working, and caring attorneys I’ve met. She goes the extra mile for her clients. Would definitely recommend.

R. Dempsey | San Jose, CA

Lucy McAllister and her team are amazing. They fought for me tooth and nail. They listened to me and gave me every tool to help me fight along side them to prove my innocence. I could not ask for a better lawyer, team, or outcome. Thank you for everything Lucy!

Greg G.

Very professional and great attorney. Recommend her as your attorney.

Jason A. | Google

I received a letter from the Board of Behavioral Sciences Examiner yesterday, in which the Board agreed to no further action to be taken on my professional license.  This is because of the diligent, thorough work and guidance by Lucy McAllister my attorney.  I owe her a debt of gratitude.

I entered into my case with so much shame and regret.  I was so demoralized. So down on myself and embarrassed. Lucy held the hope and consistently told me, “Susan don’t worry, this mistake will not define you”.  So, far in the end it has not. It was as Lucy said a block in the road of life and now my professional career and life continues.

I cannot have my name and title all over the internet for I am still practicing [but I want to] thank the whole team for your assistance in clearing my professional name and saving my title.


I had a few questions that I needed answered but didn’t really know what my options were or whether it was really worth it to hire an attorney. I contacted Lucy and she was great. She really cared about my case and took the time to go over all possible options with me.

I had sooo many questions but she was patient with me and continued to assist me until I was comfortable and I had all my questions answered :). So glad I gave her a call!

Silvia T. | San Mateo, CA

Ms. McAllister Is very sharp, strategic, attentive, extensively knowledgeable, and fair! I’m extremely grateful for her firm’s help through a recent crisis. I will rely on her again, if ever needed.

Rebecca W.

Lucy is a very excellent lawyer. She is dedicated, very thorough, and always pays a lot of attention to her clients. In my case, the outcome was to be much better than I expected. Our family was so relieved and felt so blessed with the judge decision. I always felt like I was in good hand from the beginning to the end. Lucy brought peace to my mind even when I was so pessimistic about my case. She made a lot of good recommendations which helped a lot to influence the probation officer and the judge. I am now feeling wonderful and how blessed I was when choosing her to defend me.

Don N.

I’m very grateful to have found Lucy McAllister’s Law Offices and I don’t think I would have been able to move forward without them. With no idea how to proceed with my case, I was in need of a law office right away and was able to meet with Lucy on short notice. During our first meeting, she was very confident about the process and what to expect going forward. Every step of the way, Lucy and Sheena were very responsive to my questions. They listed out everything I needed to do clearly and concisely and always kept me updated through this long process. Even after the settlement was reached, they were still happy to address a few remaining concerns as I finally moved forward from this difficult time in my life. I appreciate all their time and hard work!

(Client confidential)

If you are facing an Accusation from the Calif Board of Behavior Sciences hire Lucy McAllister. She is poised to defend you, and your livelihood. Lucy found inconsistencies, and false allegations, in the Accusation against me. She is highly skilled in the complexities that clinicians in the helping profession face. She is aggressive with the Board and will fight for you.

Steve R. | Sacramento, CA

This law office responds quickly and professionally to matters. They helped me tremendously and I recommend them to anyone requiring services. My end result was excellent!

Kim D.

I needed legal support for a case dealing with the Board of Psychology (BOP). A year after I had made a formal sexual harassment claim against my supervisor, I received an aggressive letter from my past employers claiming I had been deceitful regarding a registration issue during my tenure. This claim was aggressive and felt retaliatory in nature. From my first phone call with Lucy, I felt she had my back. Her experience with licensing boards was incredibly helpful during my legal battle. She took on the responsibility of communicating with the BOP which lessened my day-to-day anxiety immensely.

I was promptly updated after each contact she had on my behalf. She was happy to communicate via cell phone, office phone and email which made her accessible during emergencies or time-sensitive matters. During an intensive 2.5 hour interview that was a major determining factor in the outcome of my case, Lucy was diligent in pointing out holes in my opponents claims and speaking on my behalf when I was too overcome with emotion to do so myself. She was tough and thorough in the interview, leaving no stone unturned. I would not have wanted to be on the other side of the table. I would have been completely lost and overwhelmed had I not had her solid support during that experience.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working with Lucy was dealing with her staff. Much of my contact was through them and I was consistently impressed with the level of care and detail to attention they showed. They answered endless calls and emails from me and never once acted impatient or annoyed. It made my experience during this stressful time much easier to handle. In the end, we won my case and no evidence was found to support the claim made against me. It was a long process that ended in the best way possible. I am thankful for the legal support that helped me move on with my life and my career.

Psychologist (Anonymous) | San Jose, CA

She did a great job, her and her team were very helpful and informative at every step of the way. Also very fair and affordable, even got a significant refund. Very glad I decided to work with Lucy!

Vincent de la Torres

I wanted to start by introducing my situation, I had already gone through the Administration process and about to have my license probated by the courts and probably going to lose my business altogether. Not only was I ashamed and disheartened but I was very much exhausted and had completely given into the despair and guilt. I had heard of petitions to file for modifications in the past, but these were a lost cause and pretty much a relic of someones cruel joke on the real world. However My Disciplinary order had no effect on Lucy or her team. They went to work and told me to sit back and enjoy the show (I did not have to move a muscle) these gals took it to them and not only did I receive a modification, we found so many errors and mistakes that the professional licensing board had to reinstate my license altogether. AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you Lucy for everything.

Kim P. | San Francisco, CA

Lucy was kind and professional. She was able to help me attain the desired outcome and was knowledgeable in her p[r]ofession. Thank you Lucy for your hard work and support.

Tammy S.

If you are facing an Accusation from the Calif Board of Behavior Sciences hire Lucy McAllister. She is poised to defend you, and your livelihood. Lucy found inconsistencies, and false allegations, in the Accusation against me. She is highly skilled in the complexities that clinicians in the helping profession face. She is aggressive with the Board and will fight for you.

Steve S.

I can say without any hesitation, that Lucy literally saved my life. If I hadn’t had met her and hired her, my professional license would have been lost. Lucy immediately took over my pending case, and handled everything. Her entire staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful with any questions or concerns I had about my case. Lucy was there every step of the way throughout my licensing issue. She made me feel at ease, and she helped me get through the entire process. 


Lucy worked on my case about a year ago. She had the court to grant me the certificate of rehabilitation which restored a lots of my civil rights for an ex-felon. Currently, she is working on getting me a california governor’s pardon. Hopefully, she will get it soon. Lucy is a really nice lawyer and willing to work with you and answer your questions. Please, contact her for your legal issues and you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Hung L.

I could not pass this opportunity of giving my positive feedback on the excellent service that attorney. Lucy McAllister’s Law group has provided me. From the beginning, it already occurred to me that their expertise will have positive impact in the outcome of my case. Atty. McAllister took in my DUI case (1st offender) back in May of 2017. She has an army of very professional and dedicated staff who have shown legal expertise and experience in handling my case which produced positive response from the Board of Nursing. I could not believe what the outcome was for my case, it was really beyond my expectation. Bottom line is, Atty. McAllister was able to prove to the Board my situation being an isolated case and that disciplinary action was not necessary. Atty. McAlllister has demonstrated her expert ability to present truth and consequence in my case, and I have learned a lot from my experience being their client. I have never doubted them from beginning to last. I am very thankful for having found them, I sincerely recommend Atty. McAllister to be your defense person even to the most complicated of cases.

Don D.G.

My family and I own, manage and operate a thriving business in upscale San Francisco. Recently I was put in the predicament of having to shut down my 10 year operation due to the fact that my license was about to be revoked, for what we believed to be a competitor wanting to fuse us out of the market share, however we contacted Lucy who after 14 days of going back and forth on our behalf was able to keep us in business. I really believe that it was her and not circumstance. She fought hard for us!! Thank you Lucy. BTW- Lucy worked 14 days and still gave us pricing based on her expected 5 day commitment.

Linda P. | San Francisco, CA

I received an Accusation on my professional license. The Board wanted to revoke my license. When I initially talked to Lucy, I knew that she was going to be my best advocate. Lucy was so supportive during this stressful time in my life. I was so scared of losing my license, my livelihood. I am thankful that my case ultimately settled and I got to keep my license. I highly recommend Lucy McAllister if you want someone who will believe in you and fight for you. Note: she can help you anywhere you live, as long as your license is in CA! Thank you, Lucy!!

Taylor C. | Gardena, CA

I have nothing but good things to say about the law office of Lucy McAllister. Lucy spoke with me at the very start of the process to explain what the process would be. Her and her team followed up with me all along and provided excellent support and guidance. In the end, what they provided was actually much more than I expected. The team was very professional, honest, and responsive. I could not have asked for anything more. I hope that I am never in the situation to need to use her services again, but in the event that I do, I would not hesitate to have her and her team represent me again!

Jason P.