There are many experienced license attorneys in California who can help you if you are facing disciplinary action from the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). These attorneys can help you understand the BRN’s disciplinary process, protect your rights, and build a strong defense.

Here are some qualities the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister brings:

  • We have a team of experienced nurse license attorneys who have successfully defended nurses in a wide range of disciplinary cases.
  • Our law firm that specializes in representing healthcare professionals, including nurses, before the BRN.
  • Our law firm has over 30 years of experience representing nurses in disciplinary cases.
  • We specialize in representing nurses in disciplinary cases, including cases involving substance abuse, criminal convictions, and medical malpractice.
  • And Lucy S. McAllister is an experienced nurse license attorney who can help you understand your rights and options if you are facing disciplinary action from the BRN.

If you are facing disciplinary action from the BRN, it is important to speak with an experienced nurse license attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you protect your rights and build a strong defense.

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The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister team of attorneys has over 30 years of experience defending thousands of clients. As a former judge pro tem, Attorney Lucy S. McAllister understands the inner workings of the criminal justice system. We understand what prosecutors are thinking, what their undisclosed policies are and how to protect you at every step.

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Here are some of the things an experienced nurse license attorney can do for you:

  • Advise you of your rights and options: An attorney can explain the BRN’s disciplinary process and help you understand your rights and options.
  • Investigate the allegations: An attorney can investigate the allegations against you and gather evidence to support your defense.
  • Negotiate with the BRN: An attorney can negotiate with the BRN on your behalf to try to resolve the case without going to a hearing.
  • Represent you at a hearing: If the case goes to a hearing, an attorney can represent you and present your case to the BRN.

If you are facing a criminal charge against your license, it is crucial to hire an experienced San Jose license defense attorney to represent you. Having expert representation can make the difference between going to jail and getting your case dismissed.

At the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister, our San Jose DUI lawyers and professional license defense attorneys are highly experienced defense attorneys. They are known by judges, prosecutors, and license agencies as honest, highly skilled attorneys that work tirelessly to win your case.

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Dealing with a criminal arrest or board investigation can be stressful. Conviction can have a devastating effect on your life, your license, and your career. Our compassionate attorneys understand the stakes and know how to build a successful defense.

If you are looking for expert license defense and compassionate lawyers laser-focused on protecting you, we offer experience and dedication to resolving your case.

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Lucy McAllister and her team are amazing! They are prompt, efficient, professional and genuinely care about their clients. Lucy helped me two years ago with a situation pertaining to my professional license. She did a wonderful job representing me and got me such positive results. Recently, a follow-up question arose. I reached out to Lucy’s office and her team had an answer for me within a couple days. They stand behind their clients 100%. I would highly recommend Lucy and her team.

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Professional license criminal defense

Medical doctor, nursing, dental, chiropractic and all professional license holders face significant risks from criminal investigations and charges. Convictions and even mere allegations can trigger licensing board investigations that can ruin your career.

Lucy S. McAllister is a professional license defense attorney and criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience representing licensed healthcare professionals in criminal matters and licensing board investigation defense. She is adept at managing the complex intersection of state and federal criminal and licensing laws – all with the goal of protecting your life and career from accusations.

The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister provides effective representation for all types of professional licenses, businesses, and these healthcare specialties:

The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister handles all state and federal professional license criminal defense matters including: San Jose nurse DUI defense, medical doctor DUI defense, nurse criminal defense, doctor criminal defense, chiropractic license defense, pharmacist DUI, dental license defense, dentist DUI defense, chiropractor criminal defense, and medical license criminal defense.

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