On October 2015, California voters passed Prop 47 which reduced drug possession and non-violent thefts from felonies to misdemeanors. Prop 47, thus allows those with reduced convictions to finally obtain professional licenses. When a licensing board sees a conviction on an applicant’s record it sends off warning signals to the board for an immediate investigation. Many applicants with criminal records facing investigation either face revocation or denial of their license.

Thankfully, the proposition also released over three thousand prison inmates to help alleviate the country’s enormous problem with mass incarceration and not only reduces felony convictions down to misdemeanors, the proposition also removes criminal convictions from public record. This removal of certain convictions from public record is a coined term called expungement. Through Prop 47 and its expungement by-laws, those with criminal convictions finally have a chance at professional licensure without the threat of employment discrimination.

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