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If you have made a mistake in violation of your license probation, there are steps you should take to safeguard your hard-earned reputation and career. 

With over 30 years of representing professionals, The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister can help you work through the disciplinary process while alleviating the impact the violation can bring to your livelihood.  

Here are the top four actions you should take to limit the damage a probation violation can bring. 

1. Hire Lucy S. McAllister Right Away

Acquire legal representation for your case right away. The probation process has many strict deadlines, and an expert attorney will help maximize your options by making sure you don’t miss any. It’s crucial to hire quickly but also hire well—hiring an inexperienced attorney can harm your chances to preserve and defend your license probation. 

She can offer the right legal strategies and help present your case to the judge and licensing board. 

As every client is different, it’s important to find an attorney who can strategize a case aligned with your goals and circumstances.  

For additional information or to schedule a consultation on licensing issue, please contact our law offices today at (877) 280-9944.

2. Work to Address Your Failings

Take responsibility for your actions. Though not every probation violation can be repaired, what you can do is act quickly and show the licensing board you are working to make amends. Contact Attorney Lucy S. McAllister immediately, she will devise a specific and personal strategy for you to convince the board to not revoke your probation. 

3. Provide Documentation

It’s essential to document the actions you take. If you attend AA classes, record the days and times you attend, and get signatures to verify your attendance. 

Whatever your situation looks like, it’s important to go the extra mile and put your best foot forward. Providing comprehensive documentation is key in helping your attorney maximize their chances of presenting a successful case. 

4. Do Not Disclose Information to Anyone but Your Attorney

If you have violated your probation, do not leave anything to chance. This involves being extremely cautious about what you say and who you speak to about your case. 

Anything you say outside of the presence of your attorney can be used against you. Therefore, if someone from the licensing board or your job has reached out to you regarding your violation, contact Attorney Lucy S. McAllister for specific legal advice. 

Schedule Your Consultation

We understand the time and investment that goes into obtaining a professional license in California. More importantly, we understand the necessary strategies and solutions required to adequately protect your case.  

If you are a California professional who has been charged with violating your license probation, contact the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister immediately. We will review your case and reach out to you to schedule your consultation.