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Many people think lawyers are only helpful in criminal and legal cases. That isn’t true. Lawyers are invaluable assets that can help you navigate any formal process or investigation, including a formal professional licensing board investigation. 

A licensing board investigation is the beginning of your legal case, it is the beginning of the high-stakes process that can lead to you losing your license and your ability to work. Because it can carry such life-altering consequences, you should immediately hire an attorney and have them by your side as soon as you receive notice you are under investigation by a licensing board in California. 

6 Ways a Lawyer Helps during an Investigation

Lawyers do more than just represent you throughout your investigation. Here are five of the lesser-known ways a lawyer like Lucy S. McAllister can help you through a professional licensing investigation. 

1. Strategic Decisions Will Be Made By The Professionals Not By You

The most common mistake by an unrepresented individual is speaking to an investigator. The investigator is a trained professional and their goal is to obtain the answers they want. The investigator’s goal is not to “hear” your side of the story. With the right attorney by your side the attorney will make the strategic decision as to whether or not, you will even speak with the investigator. 

2. You’re Not Alone

Many professionals who have to go up against a licensing board feel like they’re fighting against a giant. It’s easy to feel isolated or overwhelmed and quickly give up hope of defending your case. 

A lawyer is a seasoned expert who is there to support you at every step. They make sure you don’t feel defeated or depressed. Instead, you know you have at least one person in your corner and you don’t have to do it alone.  

3. A Lawyer Is a Professional Negotiator

Some of the most important parts of your investigation happen off the record. A good lawyer is a negotiator. They understand who to talk to, as well as what to say, to get the best results. 

In most cases, the licensing board is willing to negotiate to resolve the case faster. A lawyer represents you in those negotiations so you get lighter disciplinary action or have the investigation dropped entirely. 

4. Lawyers Can Help You Manage the Details

Details are what matter the most. The best way to defend against an investigation is with a complete picture of the event in question. 

The fine details are an invaluable tool in defending against accusations, but they can be tedious to gather, manage, and interpret. A lawyer knows which details matter, what they mean, and how to best present that information. 

5. Lucy S. McAllister Manages the Bureaucracy for You

Professional licensing investigations are complicated. There is a complex set of rules and codes that must be followed, and making a misstep can lead to even more problems. Your lawyer is responsible for taking care of all of the paperwork and bureaucracy for you. They manage all of the annoying processes, so you can rest assured they’re done right the first time.

6. Not Having a Lawyer Can Cost You More

It is always an option to go through a formal investigation from a state licensing board on your own. However, because you don’t have the knowledge, experience, and training, there’s a big risk that you’ll make a mistake. You might overlook an important fact, mismanage some procedural details, or say the wrong thing when defending yourself. These simple mistakes can quickly add up and cost you your professional license. 

Without a license, it is impossible for you to continue your career. Hiring a lawyer right now might be inconvenient for your budget, but it’s much better than having no career. 

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