The conditions and required timeframes for submissions of petitions to modify the terms of probation of licensees are determined by each California state licensing authority in accordance with Section 11522 of the Government Code. Modifications of probation terms can occur when it is determined that the penalty imposed has been excessive, considering both the violation of the law and supporting evidence, or when there is substantive evidence that there is no more need for the degree of probationary supervision as set forth in the original terms and conditions of the probation. Typically, petitions for reductions of probation and penalties cannot be filed earlier than one year after the effective date of the Board’s disciplinary action.

If you have been placed in a probation period with your license or have had penalties served on you by your licensing board, you should contact our law offices immediately. The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister has successfully negotiated reductions in penalties for our licensing clients as well as  successfully lobbied on behalf of our clients for changes in probation requirements.