California Medical licensed professional

Getting arrested for a criminal offense is a serious charge for anyone, but even more so for a licensed medical professional.

If convicted, you may:

Have your medical license revoked

  • Be unable to practice your medical profession
  • Incur hefty fines

If you’re a licensed medical professional, call attorney Lucy McAllister today at 877-280-9944 to discuss your case and her strategy to save your to saving your license and career.

If convicted, you may have your medical license revoked.

What you should know

  • You will be required to report the charge/conviction to the board. The information of your arrest has already been communicated through LifeScan to the licensing board. If you do not report it, you may incur additional disciplinary action from the board as they will consider your failure to report an attempt to defraud them.
  • You must have an attorney specialist in both criminal defense and professional licensing defense.
  • The licensing board can file an accusation against your Medical License which can result in suspension of revocation of your license.
  • The board can file an accusation whether or not you are convicted of the criminal offense.

Lucy S. McAllister is uniquely qualified as a professional licensing defense attorney and a criminal defense attorney to attack the errors in your arrest and therefore control the outcome to protect your Medical license. These unique crossover cases between two areas of law require a specialist in both.

The evidence need in criminal court is not what the licensing board wants to see. Understanding the board’s disciplinary guidelines requires the unique legal expertise that Lucy will bring to your defense.

Call Lucy today at 877-280-9944 to discuss your case and her approach to saving your professional license and your career.

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Lucy takes the time to explain the law and the process by which she will help you defend both the criminal charge and accusation on your license. She understands that your career and livelihood depend on you retaining your license.

With over 30 years of DUI defense experience, Lucy only represents professionals whose career is on the line. For first time DUIs, she has a record of 100% in professional license retention.
To defend your professional license, an attorney will need all of the documentation from your criminal case, including the police report, the complaint, etc. As a professional licensing attorney, Lucy can provide the District Attorney with a “Collateral Consequence Letter” – a negotiation tool uniquely established by attorney Lucy McAllister to convince the District Attorney in your criminal case to respect your professional license. When Lucy has negotiated a favorable settlement or dismissal of your criminal case, this win will then allow her to convince the licensing board that the criminal charge has been contained.

The right decision financially and emotionally is to hire one trusted attorney to handle both your criminal defense and professional license defense.