California Vehicle Dealer License Defense

If you are a licensed California car dealer and are notified by the California Department of Motor Vehicles that you are under investigation or facing a possible denial, suspension or revocation of your car dealer (vehicle salesperson) license, please contact our office so that we can assist in negotiating and resolving any complaints made against you.

At the Law offices of Lucy S. McAllister, we help you to understand the complaints against you by the DMV. Lucy S. McAllister J.D. helps professional car dealers and vehicle salespeople who are under allegations of misconduct negotiate the disciplinary process and get their occupational licenses re-instated, as quickly as possible. Lucy has represented hundreds of clients in California facing both civil and criminal charges in California courts. Contact Lucy S. McAllister Professional License Defense to help you defend or reinstate you Vehicle Salesperson’s license. With legal representation, we will help you respond to the complain properly and efficiently. We understand that a threat to your car dealer’s license is not just a threat to your reputation, but it is also a threat to your livelihood and your career.

Lucy S. McAllister understands your concerns. As the best Bay Area Professional License Defense Attorney, she will provide you with the best legal strategy and clarify the process of the legal system for you so that together, you can determine effective solutions for your case.  Lucy will take the time to understand your particular circumstances and will work hard to tailor solutions that will meet your specific needs.

According to the Vehicle Salesperson Licensing Authority, you may be refused a license or have your car dealer’s license revoked for any of the following:

  • The applicant or licensee has outstanding an unsatisfied final court judgment rendered in connection with an activity licensed under this division.
  • The applicant or licensee has failed to pay funds or property received in the course of employment to a dealer entitled thereto.
  • The applicant or licensee has failed to surrender possession of, or failed to return, any vehicle to a dealer lawfully entitled thereto upon termination of employment.
  • A cause for refusal, suspension, or revocation exists under any provision of Sections 11302 to 11909, inclusive.
  • The applicant was previously the holder of an occupational license issued by another state authorizing the same or similar activities of a license issued under this division; and that license was revoked or suspended for cause and was never reissued, or was suspended for cause, and the terms of suspension have not been fulfilled.
  • The applicant or licensee has acted as a dealer by purchasing or selling vehicles while employed by a licensed dealer without reporting that fact to the dealer or without utilizing the report of sale documents issued to the dealer.
  • The applicant or licensee has acted as a vehicle salesperson or engaged in that activity for, or on behalf of, more than one licensed dealer whose business does not have identical ownership and structure. Nothing in this section restricts the number of dealerships of which a person may be an owner, officer, or director, or precludes a vehicle salesperson from working at more than one location of one licensed dealer if the business of that dealer has identical ownership and structure.
  • The applicant or licensee has acted as a vehicle salesperson without having first complied with Section 11812.
  • The applicant or licensee was a managerial employee of a dealer during the time a person under the direction or control of the managerial employee committed wrongful acts which resulted in the suspension or revocation of the dealer’s license.
  • The applicant or licensee has acted as a dealer by purchasing or selling any vehicle and using the license, report of sale books, purchase drafts, financial institution accounts, or other supplies of a dealer to facilitate that purchase or sale, when the applicant or licensee is not acting on behalf of that dealer.

If you have had your license revoked or have even refused your vehicle salesperson license, please contact Lucy S. McAllister right away!

California Vehicle Salesperson License Defense: Superior Legal Services

As your occupational license defense lawyer, Lucy S. McAllister will be committed to providing you with the necessary information, resources and counsel necessary to help you effectively navigate the California licensing law and legal system. Vehicle Salesperson license defense in the San Francisco Bay Area requires an intricate understanding of DMV requirements and California laws, and Attorney McAllister is familiar with effective methods used to resolve issues affecting you. If you are facing potential loss or suspension of your car dealer’s (vehicle salesperson) license in California, Lucy S. McAllister can provide you with effective approaches to help you resolve your case. Our law offices are dedicated to serving clients facing serious legal issues.