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If you are a California Nurse under investigation by the Bureau of Registered Nursing and you are a member of the California Association of Nurses/Nursing United, you need to understand the limits of your union representative in a case of a license violation.

In the case of a charting error, for example, you may be at risk of termination from your health care job as a nurse. Naturally, you would in such circumstances immediately contact your union rep to represent your interests. If you rely solely upon their advice, however, this can adversely impact your licensing law case downstream.


Unfortunately, most union representatives have little to no understanding about the impact of a job termination to your professional nursing license. For example, filing a “grievance” with your employer based on the advice of your union rep could actually harm you when you ultimately must defend yourself with the state licensing authority. And in the event you are terminated, your employer will immediately file a complaint with the state licensing board – in this case with the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Investigative Unit. Once terminated, you will no longer have any access to employer records about your termination to use to defend your conduct and your professional nursing license with the CDCA/BRN . Worse, the CDCA may not render a decision about your license for up to a year, during which time you cannot work as a nurse as your nursing license will be suspended.

If you have recently resigned or been terminated as a nurse due to a charting error, you need to immediately seek the counsel of an experienced licensing attorney before this is reported by your employer to the CDCA/BRN. A California licensing lawyer can advise you about how to best defend your interests in the face of a licensing violation such as charting errors, medication errors, and charting deficiencies.

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