California Licensing Agencies

We represent licensed professionals in California, working to protect and defend their professional license against licensing board investigations and disciplinary actions. Below find the professional license issuing authority by occupation in California:

CA Professional Licensing Agencies Occupations Covered
California Board of Accountancy Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Stores, Bars, Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries, Caterers, etc.
Arbitration Certification Board Arbitration boards for Lemon Law claims and disputes arising from the sale of new motor vehicles
Architects Board (Landscape Architects Technical Committee) Architects, Landscape Architects
Athletic Commission Boxing: Promoters, Matchmakers, Managers, Boxers
California Bureau of Automotive Repair Automotive Repair Facility, Automotive Repair Dealer, Lamp and Brake Adjusting Stations, Brake and Lamp Adjusters, Auto Body Repair Shop, Smog Check Stations, Smog Technicians
Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology Barbershops, Barbers, Cosmetologists, Tanning Facilities
Cemetery and Funeral Bureau Cemeteries, Funeral Directors, Funeral Establishments, Embalmers
Contractor’s State License Board General Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, Specialty Contractors including Electrical, Plumbing, etc.
Court Reporters Board Certified Shorthand Reporters (C.S.R.)
California Division of Corporations Escrow Agents, Check Sellers, Bill Payers, and Proraters, Finance Lenders
Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair Electronic and Appliance Repair Dealers
Fish and Game Commission Commercial Fishing, Fish Packers, Fish Wholesalers, Fish Processors, Fish Receivers
State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind Instructors, Trainers and Schools for the training of guide dogs and the instruction of blind persons in the use of guide dogs.
CA Department of Insurance Insurance Brokers, Salespersons, Insurance Agents
CA Board of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Upholstered furniture, Bedding and Thermal Insulation Industries
California Department of Justice Card Rooms, Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, Estate Jewelry
CA Office of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Privacy Protection Commercial Drivers, Vehicle Salespersons Credit Grantors and Utilities
CA Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists