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California License Investigations

Licensing boards are authorized to investigate your license based on complaints received by them (from clients, customers and other third...read more

What is a “Notice of Defense”?

If you have been notified by a letter from your California licensing board or authority that your license is under...read more

Administrative Hearings (OAH)

When a state licensing agency files a formal action with regard to your application for a professional license, or against...read more

Interim Suspension Orders (ISO)

The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister successfully defends California licensed professionals served with interim suspension orders by licensing boards....read more

License Application Denials – Statement of Issues

If you have applied for a California professional license and your application has been denied, during an appeal, you will...read more

California License Suspensions and Revocations

Disciplinary actions by licensing boards in California generally arise from customer complaints, undercover investigations (in the case of the Bureau...read more