Nursing license under investigation

If you are a licensed California Traveling Nurse and are licensed in multiple states, you need to know the risk to your license from undeclared and disclosed criminal actions and/or disciplinary actions by a nursing licensing board or authority in another state.

With the infusion of the internet, state board of nursing and licensing authority database connectivity has improved substantially, allowing cross-system reporting of criminal allegations/arrests and convictions and other travel nursing data. In addition, any disciplinary action taken against a nurse in one state by a licensing body can be immediately communicated via these intra-state database connections to a licensing authority in another state. This new reality poses real threats to the ability of traveling nurses to protect their licenses if they face criminal actions or disciplinary actions in any state in which they are licensed to practice.

While licensing boards, in the past, tended to lag behind in updating their information technology, now, it is mandatory for a nurse who is disciplined in one state to immediately take the appropriate steps to notify the other state boards in which he or she is licensed. Any failure to acknowledge a prior or pending disciplinary action by a travel nurse in one state will have immediate repercussions and will result in disciplinary actions for all held licenses. Similarly, failure to disclose prior or pending criminal actions can result in immediate suspension and revocation of your California travel nursing license.

If you are a travel nurse and have recently relocated to California and/or have recently been licensed as a travel nurse in California and are concerned about the need to disclose prior or impending criminal charges or convictions and/or prior or pending licensing disciplinary actions, contact the Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister immediately. Lucy is experienced in crafting declarations to licensing boards and licensing authorities which will maximize your chances of successfully defending your travel nurse license in California. And as a licensing attorney with significant criminal attorney experience, she is also an expert at defending clients who have criminal history they need to disclose in license applications and reinstatement situations.

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